Who We Are

Mommies On The Move is a community of mothers, parents and caregivers who believe in the importance of staying in the groove while parenting. As a working parent, or stay at home one- we know what it's like to pack an endless diaper bag and yet..still be in need for an extra.

We've all had those #MOMMoments in the airport when you find someone willing to spare their extra diaper or sift through the grocery stores looking for the right diaper. Not anymore, we are making it our social responsibility to make sure airports, supermarkets and chain stores are stocked with the necessities each parent or caregiver needs. 

 We believe in building a community of parents and care-givers is extremely important. We all have those #MomMoments. Share yours with us! 

Looking to be a #MOMambassador? Email us: Mommiesonthemoveny@gmail.com